Beyond Good and Evil 2 gets spectacular in-game engine footage

ubisoft-new-studio-philippines-games.jpg.optimal.jpgBeyond Good and Evil 2 was one of the biggest surprises from Ubisoft’s E3 2017 conference and more information keeps on trickling out. Well, today the company decided to show us some gameplay. While the gameplay mostly focuses on controlling vehicles and going to different planets, it’s still a sight to behind. Beyond Good and Evil 2, even in this early stage, looks absolutely incredible.

For those unfamiliar with Beyond Good and Evil 2, it’s a prequel to Beyond Good & Evil, a game which has attained cult status. Beyond Good & Evil HD is available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility and is still an absolutely stellar experience. Not only does it run at 60 FPS, but it also features interesting mechanics like taking pictures of wildlife and using various acrobatic moves to take out enemies. Many gamers are enamored with the original and the fact that the second title wants to make exploration a highlight is amazing. We can’t wait to learn more in the coming months. Hopefully we’ll get a release date soon but this seems like an ambitious project along the lines of Star Citizen. Who knows when it’ll be finished?



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