Microsoft adds immersive reader to OneNote’s Windows 10 App, Outlook on the web

One of OneNote’s little-known features was the capability to launch the app into an immersive reader mode. Much like reader mode on Edge, you could customise the font and theme to let yourself read your notes distraction free. If you were busy, you could also have Onenote read your notes out as fast as you could handle it with Microsoft’s Read Aloud feature. Oddly enough, that was only available on the OneNote Web app until today.

Microsoft has announced the deployment of its OneNote immersive reader to users of the Windows 10 app. You’ll be able to find this under the view tab, complete with all the capabilities you could find on the web. This update will be rolling out over the coming days via the Windows Store.

OneNote isn’t the only place that’s getting the new immersive reader, Outlook on the web is picking it up to, both for Office 365 and websites. You can find it in the reply interface under the “Reply all” drop down menu labelled “show in immersive reader”, or simply by right clicking any message and selecting the “immersive reader” option.

Microsoft is also expanding the language support of the immersive reader’s Read Aloud feature to include Arabic, Czech, English (Ireland), French (Switzerland), German (Austria and Switzerland), Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesia, Romanian, Slovak and Thai,



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