Every thing need to know about Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 gameplay reveal showed off a slick story campaign, new exploration modes, and a whole lot more. Developer Bungie revealed Destiny 2’s story campaign and its villain. Destiny 2 begins with the last city of Earth, your social space in the first game attacked by Dominus Ghaul and the Red Legion. Dubbed as the Red War campaign, Destiny 2’s campaign has players regaining their powers and finding their allies before taking on Dominus Ghaul.

It appears Bungie took the feedback from Destiny 1 seriously, claiming that Destiny 2 has cinematic single-player campaign. The first game, while having a solid social experience, fell quite short in terms of story.

Furthermore, Destiny 2 sports detailed weapon models, vivid weather effects, and a host of enemies on screen. Certain rumours pre-reveal claimed it would be running at 60fps though this doesn’t seem to be the case. More so considering the first game and Bungie’s previous efforts have been locked at 30fps.

In addition to this, Bungie stressed on a new map allowing immediate travel from one planet to another without having players to go into orbit – which served as a loading screen. New side-quests known as Adventures complete with non-playable characters that have their own backstories would pepper the game world, giving locations known as lost sectors that have dungeons with their own bosses and loot.

What’s more is that Bungie laid out what to expect in terms of a social experience. Forming a clan in-game will be possible. Bungie’s Game Director, Luke Smith stated that the first game saw only 50 percent of all Destiny 1 players experience Raids – which was the first Destiny’s headline feature. Smith claimed this would change with Raids being more accessible.

Finally, Activision announced that Destiny 2 PC will be available via Battle.net, as earlier rumours suggested.

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