Microsoft celebrates great Windows 10 apps with new awards

Ahead of Build 2017, Microsoft today announced that it’s finally going to recognize developers for their amazing creations on the Windows Store. The company announced 4 new awards that it will be giving out at its annual developer conference next month  including the App Creator of the Year award, Game Creator of the Year award (for game developers), Reality Mixer of the Year award (to recognize developers who build for Windows Mixed Reality) and Core Maker of the Year award (developers who build experiences with Windows 10 IoT Core).

The company has already nominated four products for each of the different awards and you’ll need to vote for any of those 4 to make them the winner. Here are the nominations:

While Microsoft recognizing developers for making awesome things for Windows is really nice to see, I personally feel like the nominated apps for the App Creator of the Year award aren’t that great. The djay Pro app, for instance, isn’t even an actual app built for Windows 10  instead, it was ported from iOS using Microsoft’s Project Islandwood bridge. And oh, it costs $50, 00.

There are a bunch of other much better Universal Windows Apps available on the Windows Store that deserve some much-needed recognition from Microsoft. But that, unfortunately, isn’t the case, and that’s really disappointing to see. Nevertheless, if you think any of these apps is worthy of getting the App Creator of the Year, you can vote for them here.

The winners of these awards will be announced at Build 2017.


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