Microsoft starts forcing to use its OUTLOOK mail app

Microsoft Outlook mail services which were working fine before now on any Mail App but if you are today adding any mail account to any app other than Outlook app. Your account will be added but you wont able to sync your mail. Until you allowe to use on other app. 

 When you  add your outlook account to other mail app (ie ; third-party app)  and try to  sync mail with that app you ony get a mail from Microsoft. Suggesting use its OUTLOOK mail App and how great it is for you Outlook mail. As you These screenshot shows

And you also get options for using That app for you mails ( use another mail app) 

When you click on the link it takes you to the browser where you will get the massage from Microsoft that you prefer to use that app. Now you will be able to sync and access all your mail. 

We find that this is not the case with Your Gamil app we are able to use Outlook on android Gamil app which isvhe default mail app on android. May be it only a security check for third-party apps. Who knows… 

Tell us i the comment if you faces the same issue… 


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