Original PlayStation emulator sneaks onto Xbox One

While Microsoft may be bringing the hammer down on emulators in the Windows 10 Store, it looks like one has slipped through the cracks. It’s slipped through in such a significant way that it’s available on Xbox One. In the past, numerous emulators which give gamers the ability to play Nintendo titles have been accessible on the console but there hasn’t been one which can do the same for PlayStation games until now. WinPDFReader by JarlStudio is a functional PDF reader but it also allows users to execute PlayStation emulator code. What sneaky functionality!

We were able to test it and can verify that it works. While the performance isn’t perfect, titles like Crash Bandicoot play really well on Xbox One using WinPDFReader. The Spanish outlet Generacion Xbox was able to conduct an in-depth test and found that various games ran between 35-6o FPS. A ROM can be loaded from an external source such as a flash drive or OneDrive and just works on the console.

If Microsoft didn’t know about WinPDFReader before, they definitely do now because the story is spreading across the internet like wildfire. WinPDFReader isn’t free though, the program costs $10 on the Xbox Store and may be taken down soon. If you want to play original PlayStation games on Xbox One, be sure to buy it as soon as you can! However, with any emulator, it may eventually stop working on Xbox One because it violates Microsoft’s terms and conditions. While you won’t get banned for using the emulator on your console, you may lose $10 if Microsoft decide to completely remove it from their servers and rescind all existing licenses. If you still want to download the emulator, just search for WinPDFReader on your console and purchase the program.


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