Destiny 2 release date leaked..

Today is definitely the day of leaks. After April’s Games with Gold were leaked by Xbox Austria this morning, GameStop Italy leaked a promotional poster for Destiny 2 revealing its release date. The game will release on September 8 according to the image. Destiny 2 continues the focus on The Traveler and touts various additions to multiplayer. According to the poster, the game will also receive a beta later this year. Sources familiar with the project state that Bungie will make an official announcement today confirming a June time frame for the beta. As with the first game, Destiny 2’s beta will allow gamers a taste of the campaign and multiplayer.

There was a lot of hype surrounding Destiny and while the game delivered on gunplay and co-op mechanics, the story was severely lacking. The expansions improved the narrative to some degree but it never came together. Destiny felt like a game which went through too many last-minute changes just like Halo 5. Now that Bungie has released the first game, here’s hoping they’ll focus on the story. Gamers want to be captivated and the only way to do that is to provide a compelling narrative. Hopefully Bungie will also make the sequel feel less of a grind when they’re at it.

Source: windowspoweruser

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