The Lenovo P2 Has Unbelievable Battery Life (review)

The Lenovo P2 stands out from every other phone you might have thought had a massive battery backup. The Lenovo P2 is fitted with a 5,100 mAH, which helped our test unit last up to 3 days. It’s time to find out how it performs in our detailed review below.

Build and Design

Lenovo P2 Review

Available on Flipkart for INR 16,999, the P2 has the build and a feel of a premium smartphone. The metal body makes it look much more premium than it really is and in some instances, I even mistook it for a OnePlus 3. The branding on the phone is minimal and not too overwhelming, which makes it look classy and nice to look at. The phone weighs in at 177g which is not too bad for a phone with a metal body.

Lenovo P2 Review

The phone has a 5.5-inch display, which is normal and common on many Android phones today. The front of the phone has a speaker grill and a camera at the top as well as a fingerprint sensor on the home button. The power button and volume rockers are in the usual spot like other Lenovo phones and it also has a 3.5mm headphone jack for music enthusiasts. The phone has a dual SIM and microSD slot, and an extra button, which toggles the power saving mode.


There is no denying that the Lenovo P2’s star attraction is the massive 5100 mAH battery and that is the first thing we want to talk about. Lenovo claims that the P2 can work for 3 days on a single charge, which I obviously doubted – until I tried it for myself. I used the phone for various purposes for two days, (Google Maps, Soundcloud, YouTube and WhatsApp Video Calls) and the phone still managed to have at least 13% percent of juice left. I was away for a music festival for three days and used the portable hotspot on the phone to communicate with friends and family. The phone managed to stay on for 2.5 days on a single charge and it made me feel secure because I did not have to worry about charging the phone for a long time.

Lenovo P2 Review

The phone, however, does not come with a USB Type-C port, which is essential on a smartphone if you sport a massive battery like the P2 today. However, the phone does support fast charging on a compatible Micro-USB charger but it still cannot charge your phone as fast as a USB Type-C charger can. I managed to get 15% of battery in 10 minutes and it was enough for my phone to last for a further 6 hours. If you want to charge the P2 even faster, you can flick the Ultimate Power Saver’ switch, which basically turns off every feature that consumes a lot of battery. You are left with the ability to only send texts, set alarms and make calls. In theory, with the Power Save mode, you can make your phone last way longer than 3 days, which is unheard of on a smartphone.


Lenovo P2 Review

The Lenovo P2 has a standard camera you would expect from a mid-range phone. It comes with a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP camera on the front. The photos turn out to be bright and reflect natural colours on the AMOLED display. However, since it is a mid-range phone, do not expect mind-blowing pictures like you would expect from the OnePlus 3Tor the Moto G4. There is even a ‘quick snap’ mode where you can double tap the volume rocker to quickly take a picture if you are in a rush.

Lenovo P2 Review


The Lenovo P2’s key feature is its large battery and rightfully so. The phone can last up to 3 days with standard usage and it lived up to the claim by the company. You can forget about carrying a power bank for this phone because you won’t really need one. The combination of premium build quality, design and a price that can give any mid-range smartphone a run for their money is not a bad deal. The Lenovo P2 might just be the best mid-range smartphone in the market today


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