Official Narendra Modi App just Updated with faster app performance and new Features…

What’s New

New features include smart user segmentation, tailored targeting & unique user experience!

Imagine that PM Modi is in your city and you get a notification with an invitation to attend the event in the morning on the Narendra Modi App!

It also has a completely new & re-imagined feed for a tailored, immersive digital experience.

News are designed as ‘easy to read & share cards’ to save time and clicks.

Active discovery of user activity and content from My Network in the home feed is now possible.

Highlights of the Narendra Modi app:
•  Receive the latest news and updates

•  Attractive infographics that illustrate the work of the NDA government to transform India. 

•  Exclusive opportunity to receive E-Mails & Messages directly from the PM.

•  ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with the PM.

•  Exciting features that empower you to contribute towards making a positive difference in society.

•  Thoughtful forums where you can share your ideas, views and deliberate with a wide range of people.

•  Small Tasks, Big Satisfaction: Contribute & earn Badges through the to-do tasks.

•  Your chance to Interact with the PM & share Ideas & Suggestions.

•  Never miss out thoughts from PM Modi, read his Blogs.

•  Know more about PM Narendra Modi through unique insights in the Biography section.

•  Read about PM Modi’s Governance initiatives & achievements.

•  Learn more about PM Modi’s efforts augmenting India’s Global Recognition.

•  Know about how Good Governance is improving lives through Infographics

•  Receive personalised Birthday Greetings from the PM


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