Latest Skype Preview lets you send and receive files on Xbox One

Xbox One Insiders get to try out the latest features when it comes to the console’s operating system but they also get access to early builds of programs like Skype. Recently, Skype got a Preview update which revamps the user interface and adds the ability to send photos and files. What’s surprising is that the feature actually works on Xbox One.

When the new Xbox One interface released a few weeks ago to testers, it added a built-in app called File Explorer. Many thought this was a convenient way to view items on flash drives but it plays an integral role in Skype Preview. If you connect a flash drive to your Xbox One and try to send a file though Skype, your console opens up File Explorer where you can select anything like a video. This prompts the user on the other end—whether they’re on PC or Xbox One—to download the file. While downloading files to PC is as simple as clicking them in Skype, the ability didn’t exist on Xbox One until now. You can download Skype attachments to your console and view them in Media Player of VLC even if it’s a video.

Many users on Reddit and social media have confirmed this and we were also able to successfully download a video to the console. Gamers have been requesting the ability to send and download files on Xbox One for years now and it looks like Microsoft finally obliged. On many occasions people want to share screenshots and videos of gameplay with a friend or particular group—without sharing it with everyone on Facebook or Twitter—and this gives them the ability to do so. If you’re part of the Xbox One Preview program, be sure to check this feature out on your console.


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