LG G6 officially unveiled at MWC 2017

LG is hoping to get out ahead of the crowds with a new top-end phone at MWC 2017.

Following weeks of leaks from LG and unverified sources alike, the LG G6 is finally official for all to see and experience. Unveiled on-stage at MWC 2017, the LG G6 rounds out much like we expected based on the early information. The phone is highlighted by its extra-tall 5.7-inch display with a new 18:9 aspect ratio, wrapped by a glass and metal body that brings the materials back for the first time since the original Optimus G.

LG G6 unveiling live blog!

That necessitated the drop from a modular design that was truly a flop with the LG G5, and in many ways that’s a signal for where the LG G6 is headed — simpler designs all around. There are fewer features on this new phone, and it doesn’t have every single latest spec, but together it seems to work better as a complete product.

LG has yet to unveil specific pricing information as it will vary depending on the market, but we know the LG G6 will make its debut first in South Korea with other markets to follow. Those of us in the U.S. will have to wait until April to get our hands on one.


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